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DreamWorks TV

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The nature of animation production within Dreamworks TV involves close collaboration with internal artists and overseas partner studios that provide their services for a large bulk of the episodic shot work that gets produced. As a lighting/compositing artist, it’s our primary responsibility to set up the master light rig for all assets in a show under a variety of lighting conditions and Times of Day that are pre-determined by the needs of a show team. Occasionally we have the opportunity to light key shots in a sequence or polish shots delivered from our overseas partner studios. As such, these breakdowns contain a variety of work across six of DreamWorks TV’s most recent shows.

Character lighting - Darius


Environment lighting - Multiple sets

Curses Poster2.jpg

Environment lighting - Ugandan Village


Character lighting - Megamind and OlChum

Megamind Poset 2.jpg

Environment lighting - Lair House Exterior

BadGuys Poster3.png

Character lighting - Unnanounced

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