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I am excited to showcase my recent work on the Megamind movie and TV Show, where I lit the two main characters.


OlChum (also known as Minion) presented a significant challenge due to its head being a water tank, combined with budget constraints that prevented proper water simulation. To overcome this, I employed innovative lighting, fog, and compositing techniques, including the creation of a custom Nuke gizmo. This tool utilized various lighting utility passes to expertly layer the glass, water/fog, and fish elements.


Overall, my responsibilities included setting up the master light rig for both characters, creating lighting presets for seven different times of day, and developing comprehensive composite set-ups. This meticulous approach ensured that my work not only met but set the standard for the entire show.

Megamind - Contact Sheets

Megamind - Turntables

OlChum - Contact Sheets

OlChum - Turntables

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