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Bicycle Dreams


As I was looking to expand on my abilities to create human characters, I came upon Mateusz Lenart's concept. This artwork being absolutely gorgeous, I knew I wanted to make it my next project. 

While it was one of the most straightforward projects I tackled down, nailing the look was primordial.

Compositing breakdown

Surprisingly the biggest challenge I faced in the process was the bird. I came to realize how hard feathers can be without a dedicated piece of software. I ended up faking the look using fur on the body blending to actual feather cards hand places on the wings.

While this solution worked for this piece I am now eager to dive into Yeti's feather system to create future birds.


Making characters is always a fun part of the process as most of the time they are the centerpiece of the story. As always my favorite part is developing their look.

While not perfect here, texturing, shading and grooming taught me many valuable lessons. For example, as much as I would love to be able to "fix" the model through its materials a good base is necessary for a good end result. Which is what is holding me back the most here.

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